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 While moving along on the path that is our life’s journey, we may, at anytime encounter potholes, wrong turns, detours or even roadblocks along the way.

 Some of us come to expect that this will happen from time to time whereas others just seem destined to get lost! Then, there are those who may be moving along comfortably when suddenly broad-sided and knocked off track.

 How we face what we encounter and what we ultimately do about it—is-- what can make the critical difference between navigating happily enough through life or possibly getting stuck in a rut that leads us nowhere, good.
 Some people don’t yet know where they are going while others know that they don’t want to be where they are. Some realize they have made a wrong turn while others spend a great deal of time getting to the wrong place.

 Wherever you may be, taking pause long enough to look at where you are, who you are, where you are psychologist, therapistgoing and how you intend to get there may be just the thing that is needed.

 This opportunity comes at various junctures along the way. Sometimes we can bypass the stop, sometimes we cannot.  Having the wisdom to know when we need to stop and ask for help is the best and the least of what we can expect of ourselves at the times when we need to. Seeking out a professional and being able to talk to someone who can help is a step that only you can take for yourself. This coupled with the courage to actually do so can and usually does open up new horizons and pathways to navigate down.

Gayle R. Berg, Ph. D. - Licensed Psychologist

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