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Develop Your Own Inner Resources to Meet Life's Challenges

Life transitions are those moments in life that pose some kind of personal difficulty or challenge requiring some kind of change in one's life. These are the times where one's world may feel like it is upside down. This may be due to something that has occurred such as: the end of a relationship or a divorce; the death of a loved one; a traumatic accident; a diagnosis of a physical or mental problem; or the loss of a job or pet. It could be the result of something that hasn't occurred but will be happening in the not so distant future, such as leaving home for the first time; a move; a test; a job or career change; the birth of a child; parenthood; retirement; an impending surgery; or some other life situation that may be difficult for one to navigate through.

Over the last 30 years I have been a practicing psychologist in Roslyn and have helped many adults and couples navigate the rocky roads of their journey. In addition to psychotherapy and couples therapy, I utilize mindfulness training and/or hypnotherapy either alone or in conjunction with the psychotherapy to enhance the process and to achieve more enduring positive results.

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I also work with couples who may be at various stages in the development of their relationship and experiencing communication and/or relationship difficulties. Discovery of an affair, a medical or mental illness in a spouse or loved one, infertility, divorce and death are examples of the kinds of problems that I have helped couples to deal with as well as other issues that may arise during the course of their relationship together.

If you are not yet sure whether or not you want to take the next step you may feel free to call me at 516-621-0888 and consider arranging a consultation appointment and just test the waters so to speak!

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